Ermanno Palace VIP Monaco F1 2018 Package

Monaco GP Package 2018, Terrace race Viewing on the Main Straight.

Location: Ermanno Palace Monaco Level 8 with 15 guests in a Suite for the race viewing experience for our guests.

Located near the entry into turn 1 (St Devote) with closer views of the cars down low.

Table seating and service for Lunch.

Bar & Waiter service for drinks.

Premium beer, French Rose, Champagne, White & Red Wine, Spirits, Soft Drinks, Juices, Still and Sparkling Water.

Menu: Roast beef fondant, Shrimp and Zucchini skewers, Roast veal with potato gratin, Smoked salmon risotto, hoummos & paprika, Biryani lamb curry, Cape tortellini, cheeses, small dessert bites

Most important “Spectacular Views”. The view from this suite allows you to see 70% of the street circuit including the grid, straight, pit exit, the climb up to Casino Square, tunnel exit, the chicane, Monaco harbour and the swimming pool entry. You are in a prime position for the entire event.

The experience of watching from the Ermanno Palace is incredible. You are treated to a luxurious weekend with GP Travel Club and the best service you could ask for in Monaco during the Grand Prix weekend. We will also have TV monitors within the suites so that you can keep up to date with all of the action. 

Photographs provided below. 

Saturday 1200 euro per person

Sunday 2300 euro per person