Monaco F1 GP Exclusive Yacht Charter for 2020, 2021.

We have spent the past 20 years assuring the best service for our guests attending their first ever Monaco Formula One Grand Prix.

This is a rare option now with limited berth on Zone A. Reach out now please! SMS more details to +61 4183 56789

This event attracts all demographics, all ages, fans who have a bucket list, corporates wanting a special experience for a select few who are rewarded as an incentive for their dedication to a brand.

Access has become more accepted by Liberty Media the owners of the Formula One Group. They are very much open to having fans experience the closest possible parts to an event. Congratulations to them, we started that exact experience back in 2004.

So a Yacht Charter for a Zone A berth is a special investment, a unique experience, most noteworthy is the location.

Consider these points of interest:

  • Your own charter to start Tuesday of Grand Prix week.
  • Moored Zone A requires extra special consultation with the Monaco Harbour management.
  • You charter a Boat, averaging 34 meters with a Captain and his crew of 6 who prepare your meals and drinks, attend to your cabin as a 5 star hotel equivalent.
  • Five cabins are available to utilise or allow GPTravelClub¬†to sell for a 4 night stay to prospective guests.
  • You have tow on board options to discuss. One is to retain exclusive use of the Boat for you to reach out for your own guest invitations to attend trackside viewing and special on board parties, meetings, events, media launches. The other is to syndicate guests who book through GPTravelClub¬†
  • Syndicate will offset the charter investment as we book guests on to the Boat for Thursday, Saturday, Sunday. Reach out for more details.

Thank You,

Patrick Wedes CEO